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buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy

Skiing in the Apennines

Skiing in the Apennines

Apennines, ski in Febbio
In the province of Reggio Emilia, in the splendid setting of the Upper Apennines at over 2,000 metres, there are 6 well-equipped and well-organised ski resorts all inside the splendid Gigante Park

Alpe Di Cusna (Febbio)
m 1,203 - m 2,063
Febbio 2000, located in the Comune of Villa Minozzo, is immersed in the green Parco del Gigante, part of the National Tuscan-Emilian park. It boasts the highest slopes in the Apennines with ski lifts taking skiers up to 2063 m. From the summit of Monte Cusna the views will take your breath away as you admire the splendid forests of beech and fir trees. It offers many kilometers of pure downhill skiing, constantly monitored and maintained at lower altitudes. Modern and efficient skiing facilities allows Febbio 2000 to support thousands of skiers every hour going up to various altitudes. Febbio also wffers snow board facilities such as natural ramps and slopes for advanced boarders, it also offers cross country skiing. It welcomes Alpine excursionists with facilities and restaurants at various altitudes. A well maintained road system makes access to the resort easy, take the SS63 from Reggio Emilia or the SS486 from Modena, and the proximity of Bologna and Forli airports offers skiers the opportunity to fly to the area at a very reasonable fare.
Ski Lifts: three chair-lifts; three cable-lifts
Capacity: 4,500 skiers an hour
Ski Runs: 12 km
Cross-country Skiing: 5 km
Ski Schools: down-hill and cross-country skiing
Artificial Snow machines.

Appenninia (Civago)
m 1,115 - m 1,657
Civago, long an elegant summer resort, has also become a popular winter-sports resort, with its modern facilities and many excellent hotels. The many refuges in the area also attract high-altitude excursionists to the mountains around the town located in an un spoilt and extraordinarily beautiful environment. Worth visiting is the Abetina Reale forest in the heart of the Alto Appennino Reggiano Regional Park. To get there take the SS63 from Reggio Emilia or the SS486 from Modena.
Ski Lifts: three cable lifts
Capacity: 1,720 skiers an hour
Ski Runs: 13 km
Ski school: down-hill

Cerreto Laghi
m 1350 – m 1,890
Cerreto Laghi is well worth a visit for a number of reasons. The Cerreto Laghi ski resort is located around a glacial Apennine lake which dates back to the Ice Age. At an altitude of 1344m., the center of the resort is found at the foot of Monte La Nuda, a short distance from the Passo Del Cerreto. State of the art ski lifts ferry skiers to a variety of slopes, which include slopes for children and beginners to competitive slopes for experts (some of which are host to the National Italian Skiing Championships). The vast range of shops, restaurants, hotels and services which are a match for any town centre is another reason why Cerreto Laghi attracts skiers from all over Italy and given the excellent road system getting there is never a problem whether you are coming from Emilia, Tuscany or Liguria or from outside Italy. Furthermore the resort is home to a modern ice rink with capacity for 3,000 skaters. To get there take the SS63 from Reggio Emilia towards Castelnovo ne’ Monti.
Ski Lifts: Five chair-lifts; three cable lifts
Capacity: 5,500 skiers an hour
Ski Runs: 20 km
Cross-country Skiing: 13 km
Ski Schools: down-hill Artificial
Snow Machines
Ice Skating Rink: capacity 3,000 total , 1,500 seated.

Ventasso Laghi
m 1,350 – m 1,553
This panoramic skiing resort boasts a spectacular position in the Apennines, surrounded partially by Lake Calamone, the most beautiful in the Apennines, it is also an area of woods and wildlife. Its facilities are based upon small hotels and restaurants run by local families. It is reached easily from Aulla and La Spezia and Parma. It is also near to the cross country skiing resort of Pratizzano. To get there take the SS63 from Reggio Emilia in the direction of Castelnovo ne’ Monti-Ventasso turning onto SP15 for Ramiseto.
Ski Lifts: four cable lifts
Capacity: 2,300 skiers an hour
Ski Runs: 12 km
Cross-country Skiing: 18 km (In Pratizzano)

Cross country skiing is as popular as downhill in the Apennines. Even downhill only centres have made way for cross country areas within their resorts. Pratizzano is one of the only resorts that specialises purely in cross county. It is not far from Ventasso Laghi and the many flat areas satisfies even the most expert cross country skier. It offers instructors for beginners and is the undisputed capital for cross country skiing in the Apennines. To get there take the SS63 from Reggio Emilia in the direction of Castelnovo ne’ Monti-Ventasso turning onto SP15 for Ramiseto.
Cross-country Skiing: three runs (3, 5 and 10 km of well-beaten snow)
Ski School: school camp ring (300 m)
Excursions: Excursions on well-beaten and experimental runs

m 1,135 - m 1,582
A small and tranquil skiing resort not far from Ligonchio, it is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Apennines. A short distance from the Passo di Pradarena, it is less than 10 km from Tuscany. The resort has many family-run hotels and private apartments for rent. The hospitality of the area, which tradionally welcomed pilgrims making their way through the region, can still be found in the small friendly restaurants and local trattorie. Ospitaletto is within easy reach of Reggio Emilia along the SS63 turning at Collagna in the direction of Pradarena or from Modena take the SS486.
Three cable lifts Capacity: 1,900 skiers an hour Ski Runs: 7 km Sledge Run Ski School: down-hill
Cable lifts: 3
Capacity: 1,900 skiers an hour
Ski Runs: 7 km
Sledge Run Ski

70 km of slopes and 25 lifts

It is home to some of the champions of the past as Zeno Colò, Celina Seghi and Vittorio Chierroni, the great trio that have won competitions in every continent under the Italian banner. Once called Boscolungo for its considerable fir-wood coasting the streets of Abetone and Brennero, it has made a green fir tree on a red background the logo of its ski-club. An ancinet pyramid marks the border of the province of Pistoia and Modena, though its inhabitants fell more Tusna than Emilian. The skiers too mostly come from Tuscany as does, Indro Montanelli a regular skier in the thirties and still occasional skier today, who once said to friends “with my long legs, I should have done cross-country” .
Usually l’Abetone is snowcapped until the end of April. The snow however is not as excellent as it is in the rest of the Apennine mountains due to the humidity coming from the sea. The slopes are fun, varied and some are endowed with artifical snow. The resort covers four valleys: Val di Luce, Valle dello Scoltenna, Valle Sestaione, and Val di Lima for a total run of 30 km. The lifts include 3 cable-cars, 7 chair-lifts, one cable way, a surface lift and a baby surface lift. Cross-country skiing can be enjoyed on well beaten trails.

On the other side of Garfagnana, a land of poets as Ariosto and loved by Pascoli, is L’Abetone, the most renowned and best equipped resort on the Apennines (70 Km of slopes, 30 of which endowed with artificial snow-makers): On the crest that once marked the border between the Great Duchy of Tuscany and the domain of the Este family in the second half of the ‘800s two street met having crawled up the sides of the two lands of Tuscany and Modena, giving birth to l’Abetone – the name “big larch” deriving from a colossal tree felled by the street engineers of the time. It became a comune in 1936. Skies made their way here in the 900s, and the resort was for a long time “the only alternative to the Alps in Central Italy”. Today l’Abetone is the best eqipped and most comfortable ski resorts in 6the area. At the feet of Alpe delle Tre Potenze lies Sestola which with is slopes along Monte Cimone is becoming yet another key point in central Italy. Having 25 chair-lifts and cable-cars, with little more than a 1000m gradient, it offers more than 30 slopes (plus four cross-country loops). One must not forget Corno alle Scale with its 12 slopes and two cross-country loops.

50km of slopes which are constantly covered with snow

Sestola and the district of Monte Cimone form the main winter resort in the Modense Appenines. Enthusiasts can enjoy 50km of slopes which are constantly covered with snow, also thanks to artificial snow, provided with modern lifts which can used with just one skipass, ideal off slope area for snowboarders, trails for cross country and an olympic ice-rink nearby. There are several facilities available for summer sports: tennis, football, swimming,basketball, volleyball, in-line skating, mountain bike cycling, horse-riding, hand-gliding, para-gliding, fishing, tumbling, bowls, mini-golf, fitness; during the summer many cultural and artistic events are organized: art exhibitions, concerts, shows, festivities in the square and folklore and environmental events.

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buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy
buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy

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