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buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy

The Property Market In Emilia Romagna

Italian Property value and property market in Italy for selling and renting property in italy
Property market in Italy for selling and renting property in italy
Property in Emilia Romagna offers unrivalled opportunities especially for property renovators or anyone who loves doing up beautiful old houses.
Strict planning permission laws severely restrict the construction of new properties, as the area falls within the boundaries of regional and national parks. As a result new property will continue to become more elusive and therefore more expensive. Many foreign buyers therefore are investing in more affordable ‘Rustico’ - renovation projects such as disused farmhouses There are plenty of such properties still available, but even these are being "snapped up" by foreign investors keen to own a property in an area which is becoming increasingly popular. Also as many of these farmhouses have barns and stables conversion, into further living accommodation, is possible, for guests or to provide rental income. The average weekly rent in the high season would be about 600-800 Euros.

Latest price rises in key parts of Italy were above 22% but Italian property remains affordable and relatively cheap compared to that of Spain, Portugal and especially the UK

There is also no extensive ex-patriot community in Emilia, unlike Tuscany and Umbria. Spain and Emilia Romagna are at opposite ends of the spectrum for those looking to purchase a property abroad. Those who move to Spain tend to know the country through past holidays, they are less interested in learning the language and integrating into Spanish society. People often choose Italy because of a love of the country and its culture. They may have had business links with a particular area, they usually speak Italian or wish to lean the language and are interested in the arts, music and culture of the country. They are described as having a higher level of ‘intellectual capital’. Many are also attracted by the outstanding natural beauty of the region, the wonderful cuisine, the leisure facilities and the exceptionally low levels of crime. The numbers of house buyers are growing fast. Abbey National saw from January to June 2002, that Italy experienced growth of around 50%

Key benefits of investing in property
in Emilia Romagna

Property investment italy - Emilia Romagna

Pay no capital gains tax on property profits

Cut purchase costs by using residency

On an £80,000 property, for example, stamp duty would be charged at 10% in France, 6% in Spain and 4.5% in Italy

Fast growing (over 20% per yr in 2002) and Emilia Romagna is in the process of being discovered only now

According to the Guardian prices in Emilia rose by 10% over last two years and these figures were provided by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Rates for euro mortgages are lower than for sterling, though - Abbey National is currently offering 3.7% for France, 4.5% for Italy and 5% for Spain and Portugal, for example. A sterling mortgage for Spain would be charged at 5.75%.

Possibility to renovate great old houses into fabulous residences that earn big money rent in the high season

Is at the centre of the low cost flights revolution as seen by the cost of fares to Bologna and Forli.

Central position: Reggio Emilia (60 km), Modena (40 km), Bologna (125 km), Milan (205 km). Ligurian coast 1hr 20 minutes, Adriatic coast 2 hrs.20 mins.

Excellent road infrastructure.

Very low council taxes. An average farmhouse would be assessed as € 100 per annum.

Grants available to restore beautiful Italian rural properties

Not only is Italy Europe's lead reformer on property tax, it is also mainland Europe's premier job creator and offers great opportunities for the rural renovator and the city apartment investor too!

The Apennine Tourist Board is to undertake a series of initiatives to raise the profile of the area with people from outside Italy. This will undoubtedly lead to more tourism and an increase demand for rental accommodation. The initiatives will be aimed primarily at those seeking holidays whose criteria are excellent leisure facilities, quality of service, exceptional panoramas, peace and tranquility.

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buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy
buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy

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